Novinky a zpravodajství ze světa virtuální reality - s námi Vám nic neunikne!

Unikátní lovec světla pro dva hráče - atrakce k prodeji i pronájmu

Speed & Scream

Our rollercoaster collection with several rides in different settings. Experience rollercoasters in a way that's not possible in real world and visit alien worlds, abandoned factories, the moon or realm of the dead.

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Desert Ride Coaster

Rollercoaster ride created for Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive, synchronized with music. Available for free at Oculus Home, Steam and Viveport. Not for commercial use.

Download (Oculus CV1)

Simulátor autismu

Short VR simulation about what an autistic person feels in a coffee shop.

Oficiální stránka

PacMan (VR)

We wanted to recreate PacMan after 35 years, so this was first person experience about how PacMan would have looked today. The maze is abandoned and decaying, but yet still functioning.

The was abandoned. We failed to acquire license for PacMan (even that it should be open). Also the project was done using Oculus DK2 and the graphics didn't really work with CV1.

Desert Run (VR)

Short VR experience created for events. You assume role of a hitman, who just set drug warehouse on fire and is now trying to escape. 2-6 minutes long, for Oculus DK2 with Logitech Steering wheel support.


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Want to visit our facility and not travel to Prague? Now you can. Just request a build and you can freely explore where we build VR experiences and other things.


"I kept dreaming of a Roller coaster, I thought I'd never see. And then one day.. I got in."
First rollercoaster we ever created, we wanted to experiment with how a digital world, inspired by movies such as Matrix or Tron would feel in VR. Also synced with music. Released for free on Oculus DK2.

Video Download - Oculus Rift DK2 (0.5)

Dance For Life

Taking dance games to events, Dance For Life is our last nonVR project. Up to 6 players have to follow master dancer moves and they're judged for their precision and awarded money. After end of the song, they can choose which charity are they going to support with the money. Dance For Life is held annually on Colours of Ostrava festival, and Festival in the Streets.

Positive Gaming iSTEP

Dance game using dancepads for 1-4 players created for Positive Gaming, mimicking their premium product iDANCE. Mainly deplyed as budget solution for schools.

Simulátor ponorky (VR)

Our first VR project, you have to control a submarine in pipework maze, locate damages and repair it with your repair laser.