Interested in joining us? CAREERS

Getting hire by iNFINITE can be a little tricky as we usually hire candidates we know in person.

It's not about YOUR SKILLS

We don’t care about what you can do, and even nothing is not a problem. If you’re just finishing highschool and looking for an afternoon job to attend once or twice a week, it’s totally possible. We can give you simple tasks that will teach how to deal with complex ones later and you’re welcome to learn from us. But also, if you’re a seasoned veteran, a genius with skill level far above ours, we’d love to learn from you.


What we care about a great deal is your personality. We care about your willingness to learn, about your perfectionism, about your conscientiousness. But also our team is based on openess, on the fact that we can speak our heart to each other without being judged. We do care that each new person joining the team will be sharing some certain core values. Having different worldviews, different opinions is fine, but some things are not negotiable.

Our development center is located just outside of Prague. While it’s possible to work mostly from home, sometimes (usually twice a week, sometimes less, sometimes more) we meet at our office, so we generally just accept people that are located in Prague or around. Interested? Shoot us a line at

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