Meditation and mindfulness techniques are with humanity for thousands of years, providing a health benefits to those who practice them. In recent times, technology is being used to enhance meditation effects.

We've built Conscious Experiment as a platofrm to experiment in this space, so the app is highly configureable that allows for implementation of various protocols. Be it experimenting with various breathing techniques, using visual stimuli or perhaps sound cues? Or are you looking for integration with various neurofeedback devices and gadgets? We've got you covered.


  • Highly detailed environments - to keep the mind engaged and immersed
  • Breath pacer fully configure-able to experiment with various breathing techniques
  • Visual-based brainwave entrainment to assist reaching desired state of consciousness

Validated using Neuroscience

In our lab, we are comparing the brain wave activity of people meditating with this application to known patterns of expert meditators. We're using this way to determine the effects of various elements of the application, various settings, as well as test the application as a whole. Using this method, we've learned that photorealistic environment are performing best. We're also using questionares to evalue the app effectivity as well as long term monitoring. This is our guarantee that our app is effective.

Want to be part of the journey? Get involved

We're looking on collaboration partners on this project.

  • Clinics, psychologists, meditation coaches may apply for prerelease version of the app to test
  • We're looking for biofeedback manufatorers to integrate our solution with your gadgets.

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