Dance Game For Schools Positive Gaming ISTEP

As one of our first projects, Positive Gaming asked us to develop a dance game for schools that would complement it's flagship product. iNFINITE was leading and coordinating the development, with several external contractors hired as well as Positive Gaming employees directly involved as developers and overseeign the development.

What we have to offer? Features

  • 50 songs - 25 crossovers from iDANCE and 25 fresh songs made for iSTEP by us.
  • 1-2 Player mode where each player sees their own arrows and difficulty
  • 4 Player mode where all players follows one set of arrows
  • USB dongle license to prevent unathorized use
  • Windows-based app - As opposed to iDANCE, which required a dedicated PC, iSTEP could run from any windows machine.

Where to get it Discontinued

Positive Gaming introduced iSTEP 2012. After dance game died during the years, iSTEP was also discontinued around 2015-6. It serves as reminder to where our journey began before virtual reality.

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