Open source interaction toolkit for VR UVRF

What is UVRF?

UVRF is plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that makes developing for VR easier by solving several key problems - interacting with objects using your hands, using laser, moving inside virtual world or entering numbers and texts. It's also multiplatform. UVRF has been our internal tool for quite some time and we've used to many projects. We've both battle tested it's usefullness in real condition but also make sure it supports all the features we needed over the years.

Download for Unreal 4.26

Unreal dorums thread

What we have to offer and how to use it Features Documentation

  • Grabable is the component that handles grabing objects and interacting with them
  • Movement System allows for both smooth locomotion with or without snap turns, or teleports.
  • Laser allows interacting with UMG objects as well as other actors
  • Fingers allows interacting with object with individual fingers

Learn the basics Tutorials

Making VR UI easier UMG Library

UVRF Comes with several UMG widget that can be used to make VR interaction easier. Once again, the emphasis is for elements to be both nice looking and functional, so you can build UI with this and just deploy the app. The elements can be both touched by fingertips and used with laser.

All elements have UVRF_ prefix to signalize they're part of the framework. UVRF_Internal_ is used for supporting elements that are not to be used separately.

  • Keyboard is used for text input.
  • Text Input is a text-field like button that will spawn keyboard when clicked
  • Integer Selector allows quick selection of integer values
  • Slider allows quick selection of float values, where precision is not an issue.
  • Activation Box is a checkbox style button to turn things on and off.
  • Step Numeric Selector is another way to input numbers by using + and - buttons.
  • A very Simple button, that gets the job dobe
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