Created at INFINITE, with love Works & Projects

Creation is our passion. Over years we've completed many client as well as internal projects, a number of which we've released to public - some as open source!
Simply - if we're allowed to talk about it, you'll find it here.

Physics based puzzle game for VR Machizzle
Unreal Plugin for hand-presence, open source UVRF
VRFree Unreal Integration
Unreal Engine plugin VRFree Unreal integration
Experience: Colorblindness
VR Experience, Free Experience: Colorblindness
Desert Ride
Rollercoaster, again Desert Ride
Desert Ride
Museum experience Become a Plum
Conscious Experiments
Altered States of Consciousness Conscious Experiments
VRFree Unreal Integration
Synchronous 360 Video playback Syncplayer
City Tour
Rollercoaster, third time Speed & Scream
Dance For Life
Attraction for music festival Dance For Life
Girl on Farm
VR Event Experience Desert Run
Girl on Farm
FOV measurement tool & database HMD Tester
Colors of Nature
Reflexes improving device LightHunter
InStore Attraction VapeFactory
Our first rollercoaster GridCoaster
Unreal Engine AssetPack Classroom
XMas greetings as a VR App Christmat 2017 Greetings
Dance Game for Schools Positive Gaming iSTEP
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