Created at INFINITE, with love Works & Projects

Creation is our passion. Over the years we've completed many projects, some of the are client works, some of them we're released to public, some are even open source!
If we can talk about it, you'll find it here.

Physics based puzzle game for VR Machizzle
Unreal Plugin for hand-presence, open source UVRF
VRFree Unreal Integration
Unreal Engine plugin VRFree Unreal integration
Experience: Colorblindness
VR Experience, Free Experience: Colorblindness
Desert Ride
Rollercoaster, Again Desert Ride
VRFree Unreal Integration
Synchronous 360 Video playback Syncplayer
City Tour
Rollercoaster, third time Speed & Scream
Dance For Life
Attraction for music festival Dance For Life
Girl on Farm
VR Event Experience Desert Run
Colors of Nature
Reflexes improving device LightHunter
InStore Attraction VapeFactory
Our first rollercoaster GridCoaster
Unreal Engine AssetPack Classroom
XMas greetings as a VR App Christmat 2017 Greetings
Dance Game for Schools Positive Gaming iSTEP
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