Zeliftan Game

Capturing the audiences at medical conferences

Capturing attention of attendees often proves a challenge, yet it is something we have experience in tackling.

To promote the new drug developed by Zentiva, Zeliftan, we went big and bold. 12 square meters of visually stimulating advertisement that tells a story of medicine’s effect and attracts attention from across the venue.

To grab attention and deliver a message Game Design

THE UNTREATED Burning land

The game begins above a burning forest, filled with heavy smoke. This corresponds with state of mind of a patient with untreated symptoms of the disease. The symptoms are displayed at the top of the screen, mostly to relay the message to bystanders, as player will be all too focused on the game.


When the player escapes the burning forest, he enters a lush, healthy land. Zeliftan logo is now displayed where the symptoms used to be. With a simple message, that Zeliftan is an effective treatment.

How to keep the costs reasonable Powered by Soar

The game is based on our internal game Soar. This provided a flight simulation model, input system, environment and asthetics that just needed to be adapted for this purpose. Having working base proved to be great way to save client costs.

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