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Make Human Lives better trough technology iNFINITE Production mission

Look who we have here Hello There

We're iNFINITE Production, a development studio focusing on immersive and transformative technologies. Our journey started in 2012 with projects like LightHunter, iSTEP or Dance For Life. In 2013 we've discovered virtual reality with the first Oculus devkit and since then built one of largest headset collections in the world. The release of Unreal Engine 4 in 2014 gave us new direction for the following years. At 2018, our curiosity led us to neurotechnologies and yet another chapter for us.

Whatever we do, we do it with passion.

Possibilities are iNFINITE our motto

We're an unique blend of animals - programmers, artists and scientists. You won't see a suit around here, we totally sucks at making powerpoint presentations and endless army of account managers is not eating our resources. Which means we can focus on the important part - getting the job done.

Where we test latest and greatest Virtual Reality Lab

Our virtual reality lab have pretty much every virtual reality device on market available for evaluation. It's where we verify our content, helps clients decide on which headsets suit their needs or just amaze journalist by showing them what's possible.
Our lab is open-access.

Where we focus to expand our focus Neurohacking Lab

Our fascination with neurotechnologies went to creation of neurohacking lab, where we explore deeper levels of consciosness in order to reach new heights in human flourishing.
Access is limited to iNFINITE employees and friends at this point.

Ever wondered what IT people eat? OUR FOOD

There are many misconceptions on what IT people are actually eating - with majority of the society believing it's just junk food. Such prejudice. At iNFINITE, we cook our own food and take turns on whos cooking. Sometimes we invite our business partners to take a lunch with us. You can check our food on instagram to see what IT people truly eat

Just keep in mind that we're amateurs cooks, so imagine what can we do in any area we're proficient with, such as virtual reality development.

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