Experience the world like colorblind people do! XP:Colorblindness

The most annoying question you can ask a colorblind person "What Color is this?"

There are many simulators, where you can try to view image as viewed by colorblind person, but what if your entire reality became colorblind? Virtual Reality gives us an ultimate tool not just to view, but experience their reality as well.

We've picked colorblindness for this exploration of what it feels to be in someone else shoes - as we can get accurate representation of their world using VR. We've talked to several colorblind people about their experiences and tried to capture scenarios they struggle with. The project went thru several iterations and was released after 2 years in development.

What we have to offer? Features

  • 3 Scenes - You can explore mountain garden, grocery store and arts museum
  • Full Experience - Our robotic guide, QBee, will take you from start to finish and explain everything about colorblindness
  • Free mode - You can explore each scene and configure your own degree of colorblindness. This is for colorblind people to actually show others their world.
  • Colorblind Painting - You can try to paint image while colorblind and then see, what real-life colors you've painted.
  • Tests - Want to test your vision? Here you can, in VR

What was it to be like Van Gogh? Try Colorblind Painting

Where to get it Download

Oculus (Rift) - Steam - VivePort

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