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Get the ball to the goal! As simple as it sounds, be prepared for your brain to be perplexed. Machizzle is a physics-based game build exclusively for VR. Use bricks with various functionalities to guide your ball on it's way to destination. Bricks ranging from simple ones - as simple a solid block can be to complex ones. Make your way through over 70 prebuilt levels with incereasing completexity. But the fun doesn't end here, level editor is also included, so you can create your own puzzles (or even just mesmerizing contraptions). Level sharing portal is also available, try to solve puzzle made by others. Machizzle offers unlimited ammount of fun!


  • 10+ Blocks from simple ones with incereasing complexity to move your ball
  • Gravity-altering power-ups. Tired about falling always down. Collect this pink marble and you can fall to top
  • Over 70 levels you can find creative ways to solve
  • Level Editor allows creation of news levels and contraptions
  • Online level sharing, unlimited fun



If you're member of media intrested in Machizzle, please reach out to us at and we will get back to you with everything you need.
You can also download presskit bellow.

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