Why we don't take investors Investor Relationships

About each month we receive an investment offer. We’ve refused all of them, but some 'investors' just refuse to give up. That why we need to explain our core values and why're were not the company anyone would like to invest in.

Why we're here Strive for better world

We want the world to be better with us than without us. This influences the choice of project we take, either what we develop for our clients or internally. We've often refuse jobs that would bring in more money but go against our value. It also means often putting resources in projects that will not make return, sponsoring projects we like even when it doesn't make business sense.

How we do it Keep employees happy

This is something a lot of companies will say, but very few of them actually mean it. It stands in contrast with today performance focused world, where overtime hours grants bragging rights. Also where people die from stress before retirement age and burnout is so common. We believe antidote to this is to create stress-free environment, don't work overtime and enjoy a happy work-life balance. It affect the performance negatively, ofcourse.

Oh, and we also don't want to grow. We believe bigger teams brings in so much ineffeciency, depersonalization and so on. Still want to invest? If so, drop me a line info@infinite.cz. We won't figure out a deal, but it will nice to get to know you at least.

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