Take your event marketing to next level

With custom app developed for events

Capture attention of your visitors with custom app developed for your event. We can help you with everything from concept to deployment.

What can we develop for? Target platforms

Explore new ways of marketing Immersive

Augmented reality and virtual reality are new ways of marketing. They allow you to create immersive experience for your visitors. From simple product presentations, where you can show your products anywhere, anywhere and even when your products doesn't yet exist. To intriguing storytelling experiences, where we cover your brand story.

Proven and scalable way Tablet apps

Proven, reliable, scalable. Markerting apps for tablets can be perfect companion for events. Out team has experience with development for iOS, Android and Windows PC-based tablets. Whenever it's about interactive product catalogue, game or non-immersive augmented reality experience, we got you covered.

When you need to step outside boundaries Experiential systems

When you need a true out of the box solution, we're not affraid to step outside the boundaries for you. We can interlink system in a novel way, develop a custom hardware and bodly go where no-one has gone before. Explore the success stories section for examples.

Success Stories

Capturing the audience at medical conferences Zeliftan game

Flying an eagle on a huge 4 meter wide LED screen surely captures attention. While the player enjoy the game and a highscore feature ensures there is always a player, the bystanders can learn about the product.

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Attraction for Colous of Ostrava music festival Dance For Life

Follow the master dancer and enjoy the dancing experience. But every more counts in an unique way, as we convert your moves to money. And at the end of the festival, the money is given to a charity. Dance For Life has been attracting thousands of dancers every year.

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VR/AR Product presentation Zuri

An upcomming Czech eVTOL plane that's set to distrupt the aviation industry. But how do you want to market product that doesn't exist yet? Virtual and Augmented reality is the perfect tool for that.

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