Used for decades in aerospace and military, virtual reality is now becoming a powerful tool for training in many industries. It's proven to be more efficient, cheaper and safer than traditional training methods. Thanks for widespead availability of VR headsets, it's now possible to bring this technology to your company.

Why it makes sense? Benefits of VR training


There isn't a better way of learning than by doing. Several studies showing VR training can be up to 400% faster than traditional learning.


Withnout the need for expensive facilities and trainers, VR training can bring cost down by up to 85%.


There are no real consequences for failing in virtual world, making the traning very safe.


As virtual training doesn't require expensive facilities or trainers, scaling it up is very easy.


Virtual training allows you to gain unique insights into individual performance


Virtual training doesn't need to be one-size-fits-all, instead clever system can identify personal needs and adjust to them

What can be trained virtually? Training types

Experience the thrill of becoming a pilot Safety & Ops Training

The best training is by doing. Learning processes and workplace safety has much better retention rate than any other type of training. It's also completely safe, protecting both employee health and expensive workplace machinery.

Where robots are better than humans Skill training

In a fully simulated environment you can learn than just process, but you can also acquire skill. This eliminates the need for expensive training equipment and makes training available anytime and anywhere. Training simulation can be designed to guide you and can often reach faster skill acquisition than traditional training.

Where robots are better than humans AI Training

Virtual training simulations can be used by both biological and artificial intelligence. Virtual simulation environment can help with all stages of semi-autonomous and autonomous product development. Starting with initial validation of machine learning models, where behavior can be tested in safe environment prior to real life test. Ending with simulating failures and everything in between.

Success Stories That we actually can talk about

Changing the way paragliding is taught GroundMaster

Before a paragliding pilot can take off, they need to master the wing on the ground. And our VR training app helps them to get there 2.5x faster. Also reducing equipment wear by 60%.

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