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We're especially proficient in these areas Tools of the trade

Unreal Engine 4

Our Toolset Unreal Engine

UE4 has been our tool of choice since its first public release in 2014 and we always strive for better understanding and proficiency with its many tools.

Unreal Engine 4

Our Platform Virtual Reality

We've been following VR technologies since 2013. This gave us deep insight into various VR systems and also helped us build one of the largest collections of VR headsets in the world.

We're always looking for projects that challenge us outside the boundary of our comfort zone.

What we've done recently Recent Projects

Physics based puzzle game for VR Machizzle
Unreal Plugin for hand-presence, open source UVRF
Desert Ride
Educative tour Colosseum VR
Desert Ride
Museum experience Become a Plum
Desert Ride
Time travelling experience Castrum Novum
Conscious Experiments
VR Meditation tool Inner Light

Some past projects that are part of our history Legacy Projects

Dance For Life
[2012-2019] Attraction for music festival Dance For Life
Experience: Colorblindness
[2018] Education experience about Colorblindness Experience: Colorblindness
Desert Ride
[2016] Rollercoaster Desert Ride
Colors of Nature
[2012] Reflex trainer LightHunter
Girl on Farm
[2014] VR Event Experience Desert Run
[2015] Our first rollercoaster GridCoaster
[2012] Dance Game for Schools Positive Gaming iSTEP
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