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At iNFINITE Production, we don't just develop games; we create immersive, engaging experiences that captivate and inspire. Based in the heart of Prague, we are pioneers in leveraging transformative technologies to bring your gaming visions to life.



What can we do for you Our Services

We handle the game from start to finish Small Scale Development

For smaller games, we can handle the complete development cycle. Starting with basic concepts, prototype demos to get the game mechanics right, with art production, programming and distribution. We can handle games for events, games for promotion or even complete simple games.

We're part of larger team Augmentation for Larger Teams

When you find yourself in shortage of developer, we can integrate into larger teams to help you with your development journey. We can take care of specific part of the development or we can fully integrate into your team. All we ask is that you respect that we're a separate entity and in the end, it will stay that way.

Our Games

Physics-breaking puzzle game for VR Machizzle

Follow the laws of physics or break them if you need to. Machizzle is a puzzle game for VR, where you need to use your creativity to solve the puzzles.
Released on Steam for PCVR headsets.

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In development. Soar is a wingsuit flying game that utilizes realistic flying simulation. Race agaist time or other players in this adrenaline filled game. It's a testing project to better understand the laws of aerodynamics and how to apply them to a game.

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Attraction for Colous of Ostrava music festival Dance For Life

Follow the master dancer and enjoy the dancing experience. But every more counts in an unique way, as we convert your moves to money. And at the end of the festival, the money is given to a charity. Dance For Life has been attracting thousands of dancers every year.

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