Our knowledge, at your service Consulting services

At iNFINITE Production, we offer more than just development and prototyping; we provide valuable insights and guidance through our consulting services. Catering to businesses that require high-level expertise, our team in Prague is ready to share knowledge that can transform your operations, strategies, and technology usage.

10 Years of XR development

First entering the VR market in 2013 and delivering the first solutions for clients the following year, we have deep knowledge about what works and why. We've personally demonstrated our experiences to more than 10 thousands and order of magnitude more have downloaded them themselves.

We have almost everything on the market XR Headset collection

Started from 2013, over the years we've collected almost every headset on the market. We have a deep understanding of the pros and cons of each device and can help you choose the right one for your needs. You can try them at our experience center. We can also dive into the past when needed for cases like patent consultations.

Our quest to understand our brains Neuroscience Lab

Understand the effect of your product on the brain. We have a fully equipped neuroscience lab with EEG, eye tracking, and other devices. It's how we can determine the optimal user experience, pros and cons of each device, and how to improve your product.

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Contact us via via email at info@infinite.cz
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