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And why it won't change How every single VR analysis was false
Since 2015, we keep seeing forecasts on VR market. Every now and then someone will come with a nice looking chart about the size of XR market 5 years in the future. Or the revenue of metaverse in 2030. Let's take a look about how all those predictions turned out to be false, be an order of magnitude or two.
and a few predictions State of XR 2023
Since everyone is doing their predictions for 2023, I decided to wait until after CES where a lot of things are announced. But finally, here are my 2 bits.
A XR headset with identity crisis Quest Pro Impressions
Quite a few people asked us about impression on Meta Quest Pro. So here you go ;)
cost effective solution for portable VR? VR, Ultrabooks and eGPU
From time to time, a need comes, to have a portable VR setup. May it be a presentation event, clients wanting a demo in their office, keeping to be able to work while travelling or at a hackathon. Or just to show Machizzle to people at various events. Oculus Quest, while a great device, is good only if you're an end user, for projects we do it’s often not good enough. Bringing along a desktop PC is sometimes a solution, especially for events, but impossible many other times.
What we learned from 127 measurements of 24 headsets VR Field of View measured and explained
About a month ago we released a tool to measure headset field of view that also submits the collected data to our database, creating the world's first crowdsourced database of VR headsets. To the time of writing this article, the database consists of 127 valid measurements of 24 different headsets. Let’s take a look at the data and what we can learn from them. But before we begin, I wanna shout out a huge Thank you to everyone who contributed to the database.
The first native 8K VR headset, for consumers Pimax 8KX under the lenses
Hello again friends, as promised we’re back with a review of the Pimax 8KX headset, something we’ve waited 3 years to get our hands on and that day has finally come. Aside native 8K resolution, 8KX brings many new improvements.
How natural is this huge FOV headset? StarVR review
StarVR, then named as InfinitEye was first shown to the public in 2013 and it took them 7 years to bring the product to market. StarVR is intended only for enterprise use and costs 3200 USD. In order to get one, you need to go via request form to introduce yourself, what you do and why you want it and also make sure you have a compatible setup. For that StarVR promises a huge 210 degrees horizontal and 130 degrees vertical field of view. Does it deliver on that promise? Are there distortions? Is this the limit the human eye can see? Keep reading!
What Magic Leap One is like 2 years after release I’ve dusted off MagicLeap and..
Magic Leap One was first demoed to the public on 1st July 2018, therefore today is its second anniversary. With this in mind I’ve decided to dust off my unit and take a look on how it looks today and what changed in the two years period.
Some data and what they tell us RiftS and IPD
A few days ago i created a simple poll asking people for their IPD and if they had problems using the headset, let’s take a look at the results.
First look into what it is like VR meditation experiments
As an experiment, I moved my daily meditation routine to VR in order to observe any differences or effects it might have on my practice. I usually meditate for 15min at the start of work day right before diving into code.
Up close and personal with Pimax 5K+ Review
Ever since I’ve tried 5K+ and 8K at Pimax backer meetup in Berlin, i was waiting for my own. Originally promised in September, the unit arrived in early December. So, what is it like to actually own one?
From Pimax Berlin meetup in Sept 2018 Pimax 8K M2 & 5K+ Impressions
Recently I got a chance to spend some time with Pimax 8K M2 and the new 5K Plus units. Here are some impressions. The good thing is that they actually let us choose games from SteamVR library, so we can see how the hardware actually works and not some carefully polished and prepared demos.
Understanding it's cause VR sickness
Before we begin, let’s stress out one thing — most people don’t get sick while using VR. Only a minority does, it’s very individual and often depends on the hardware and software used. There are many factors that can cause VR sickness and probably not all of those are known. Currently the main theory behind understanding what causes VR sickness is sensory conflict.
What it took to achieve Handpresence in UVRF
While the idea of using motion controllers for VR has been around for some time, and even in DK1 days people were experimenting with Razer Hydra controllers, ever since the release of Oculus Touch, we expect to see virtual representation of our hand (and we expect those to behave just as our real hands). We at iNFINITE Production decided to have a look at the problem and went on to create a multi-platform toolkit, called UVRF (Universal VR Framework), for hand-presence in UE4. Here are some things that we learned along the road.
Yet another way of modifying reality Reduced Reality
A lot of focus lately is on AR — Augmented Reality — technologies, and while the word augment means ‘to make something greater by adding to it’. Not only we can add to it (AR) or replace it (VR), we can also take away from it, delete objects from it.
When it will go away? Screen Door Effect
With VR era a lot people have noticed that when using VR headset, they’re not only looking like through binoculars, but also notice pattern of black spaces between pixels, so called screen door effect (SDE). When new VR HMDs appear, there is always a talk about SDE and people often confuse SDE with image quality. Let’s talk about what can human eye see, where this effect comes from, when it will go away and what does it mean.
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