Reflexes testing and improving device! LightHunter

LightHunter is a reflexes improving device that we've developed between 2012 and 2013, before we commited ourselves to virtual reality.

The principle is simple - one light lights up and you have to hit it as quickly as possible. It improves reflexes, hand-eye coordination as well as peripheral vision and can be a fun part of events as well.

What we have to offer? Features

  • 1 or 2 player - 2 players can compete agaist each other using 2 player mode, where each is using his half the construction
  • GameMode: Hunt - The light stays until is hit, ideal for training or cardio workout
  • GameMode: Chase - If the lights is not hit in time, it jumps to next point. Fun for parties.
  • GameMode: Endurance - The game goes on endlessly while player can manage to hit buttons in time.
  • Adjustable height - The 'spider' frame can be mounted at different heights, accomodating adults and children alike
  • Stainless steel frame - The stainless steel frame will last for generations. The rest are easily replaceable shelf parts
  • 2 Color options - Have it your way - either the original brushed and polished stainless steel or with black coating

Where to get it BUY

The production was already discontinued as part of our full commitment to Virtual Reality, but we may have some left in stock

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