Elevate your event to the next level XR for Events

Everything is better with VR, but especially events

We offer state-of-the-art technology with professional crew to make your events more engaging. Capture the attention of your audience, give them unforgetable experiences or just communicate your message more clearly.

Below are just examples of what we can do for you. But never forget that the possibilities are iNFINITE.

Doing XR Events since 2013
# of events done 100+
# of people served 10 000+
Number of stations 20+

Competite with friends and make some new enemies Arena

VR can feel lonely, but we've got a solution. Experience VR with friends in same space. You can battle with them in a laser-tag like games or stand with them agaisnt common foe. Either way, the memories are unforgettable.

Requires 10x10m space

Experience the thrill of becoming a pilot Flying simulators

A dream of flying. A dream many share, yet very few will experience in real life. Use the power of virtual reality to experience being in control of a plane. Doesn't matter if you dream of flying a fighter jet, an airliner or just do some acrobatics. And don't worry, if you crash, you will come out unscratched and you don't even have to pay the plane.

See the magic Mixed Reality

People in VR are often a black box, you see a funny person in glasses doing weird things. But what if you can actuall see what's going on? That's exactly what our Mixed Reality Cube is going to allow.

You can also give people the video as a souvenir they can share on social media. And we can add custom overlay to promote your brand with it.

Since we're a development studio Tailor-Made Experiences

Need someting special? Something to carry out the message you want to carry? iNFINITE Production is primary a development studio, we specialize in creating custom VR content with the needs of our clients. Check out our portfolio and talk to us about possibilities.

Explore the world of VR Thousands of experiences

VR let's you visit places that doesn't exist and offer many unique experiences. You can experience the thrill of rollercoasters, facing your fears, visiting worlds far away, battling zombies or becoming longbowman. The possibilities are iNFINITE and we're more than happy to talk about them.

Ready to take your event to next level? Get in touch

Contact us via phone at +420 604 602 268 or via email at info@infinite.cz
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