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For events, short and longterm VR Equipment Rentals

We have one of the biggest VR equipment fleets in Central Europe and almost everything that's on market is available. We're offering rentals for events (may include installation and technicians on site), but also long term rentals for longer installations or for development teams looking for particular hardware.

What you can choose from AVAILABLE HEADSETS

Resolution per eye: 1080x1200
Horizontal FOV: 87°
Vertical FOV: 84°
Compatibility: Oculus VR
For everyday use Oculus Rift CV1
Resolution per eye: 1440×1600
Horizontal FOV: 108°
Vertical FOV: 105°
Compatibility: Steam VR
For best possible experience Valve Index
Resolution per eye: 3840 × 2160
Horizontal FOV: 159°
Vertical FOV: 107°
Compatibility: Steam VR
For widest field of view Pimax 8K series
Resolution per eye: 2160 x 2160
Horizontal FOV: 98°
Vertical FOV: 91°
Compatibility: WMR
For best image HP Reverb
Resolution per eye: 1832 x 1920
Horizontal FOV: 96°
Vertical FOV: 92°
Compatibility: Standalone, Oculus VR
Portable Oculus Quest
Resolution per eye: 1280 x 1440
Horizontal FOV: 89°
Vertical FOV: 90°
Compatibility: Standalone
Immersive Media Player Oculus Go
Compatibility: Standalone
Augmented Reality for enterprise HoloLens
Compatibility: Standalone
Augmented Reality for consumers Magic Leap

Everything needed for virtual Reality to run Other Equipment

Powerful and beautiful Computers
UtraHD, 40 inch Monitors
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